Buffalo and Rochester Target for Home State Expansion


Strong local communities make Buffalo and Rochester logical next steps for the community-based advertising franchise brand.

Cristina Merill – Runningboards Marketing (RBM) has already made a splash in its city of origin, Watertown, New York, where they nabbed Watertown’s Emerging Business of the Year Award in February of 2019. They expanded to Syracuse in early 2019, and now the brand wants to grow its presence throughout the Empire State and go to Buffalo and Rochester.

The advertising franchise brand, which was founded in January of 2018, aims to overcome common obstacles in traditional advertising. Using digital advertising vehicles, or DAVs® (pronounced “Dave”), that are equipped with high-impact LED screens, Runningboards Marketing offers businesses a chance to advertise their services in a fun and creative way that, most importantly, is almost impossible to ignore. The graphics being displayed can be updated from anywhere, and DAV can be assigned to drive around very specific geographical areas in order to reach their target audiences.

Buffalo and Rochester are also being targeted for franchises due to their proximity to headquarters, which means extra support for new franchisees who will likely be the brand’s first.

“We’d like to make a lateral move west and then go east and south,” RBM Operations Manager Chris Mooney said. “We’re looking to branch out and experience more organic growth, so it just makes sense to start off close to home. If anything happens to DAV, for example, our team can quickly be on site or send a replacement. This proximity gives us a better opportunity to support our franchisees.”

As two of the most populous cities in New York, Buffalo and Rochester offer prime grounds for Runningboards Marketing. The Buffalo Metro area has a population of more than 1.1 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and is home to major business and health heavy hitters, including M&T Bank and Kaleida Health.

The Rochester Metro area has a population of nearly 1 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It is also home to major players in a variety of industries, including Eastman Kodak and Wegmans Food Markets.

Brand executives estimate a Buffalo franchise could hold eight territories and 16 DAVs. As for Rochester, that market could hold an estimated six territories and 12 DAVs.

RBM President Calvin McNeely did some boots-on-the-ground research and noted that Buffalo and Rochester are big cities with no truck advertisements.

“I just spent two days in each city just driving around and scoping everything around prime markets,” McNeely said.

He noted that the Buffalo and Rochester expansions would make for big hiring boosts in both markets. Depending on the ownership model, a Runningboards Marketing location can have two to five employees per territory and more than that if a territory has more than one DAV. A basic team would consist of an owner-operator, plus two drivers. If the owner-operator is only interested in running the business, they would need to hire a salesperson.

Rochester and Buffalo, Mooney said, are also good for business in that they are two cities whose inhabitants are quite receptive to local advertising.

“You only need to drive around Buffalo for a few minutes to realize that its residents absolutely love their city. There are buffalo emblems everywhere,” Mooney said. “A marketing concept like ours can help promote local brands in a unique way, and help those companies grow.”

In addition to a unique advertising model, RBM provides franchisees with mobility, customization and easy installation. Runningboards Marketing also boasts little to no competition in the franchising industry and is an approved franchisor in New York and 35 other states, with more pending.

“Our franchise offers the ability to run a community-based business where you are offering subscription-based advertising that local businesses can afford,” Mooney said.

With a unique business model, virtually no competition and an executive team that’s eager to support its franchisees, Runningboards Marketing is in the running for major player status in the franchising industry.

The startup costs for a Runningboards Marketing franchise range from $70,500 to $255,200. Runningboards Marketing accommodates a variety of investor models, from active owner-operators to semi-absentee candidates with $50,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $150,000. To learn more about franchising with Runningboards Marketing, please visit https://rbm-franchise.com/

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