QSR: 3 Ways to Marry Classic and Modern Local-Store Marketing With Calvin McNeely

President and co-founder of Runningboards Marketing Calvin McNeely outlines how to your brand can achieve effective marketing.

In a recent article in QSR, Calvin McNeely, president and co-founder of Runningboards Marketing, writes how quick-service restaurant brands should create a hybrid of older and newer marketing methods to achieve the best possible results. Figure out what works in your community, switch to digital rewards programs, and be present online. Don’t shy away from local-store marketing practices (LSM), but rather use online resources to enhance that next touchpoint for your consumer.

“Brands who use a combination of older and newer marketing methods will see maximum results. They can reach wider audiences and cater to both older and newer customers,” writes McNeely. “Yes, there’s a lot of noise to cut through in 2019, but brands that tap the most effective elements of old-school and new-school marketing set themselves up for long-term loyalty by capturing attention with a real world component (old school) and an adaptable digital layer (new school).”

Polishing each touchpoint from an LSM to your website will help achieve maximum results. – Kayla Bodel

Read the full article here.

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