New York State Capital of Albany Target for Franchise Expansion

With several colleges and a busy business scene, Albany is a prime territory for the digital mobile advertising brand.

Cristina Merill – Many a company might be satisfied with advertising their services via online ads or even more old-fashioned ways such as billboards and signs, but digital mobile advertising brand Runningboards Marketing® takes a far more innovative approach, combining the benefits of on-the-ground marketing with the data-driven capabilities of digital advertisements. Now the New York State-based brand wants to expand its franchise opportunity to its capital city of Albany.

Runningboards Marketing, which was first founded in 2018, uses the digital mobile advertising vehicle DAV® (pronounced “Dave”) to help clients advertise their business offerings in a visually compelling way that commands attention. DAV drives around town displaying ads via a high-resolution LED screen, providing the kind of eye-catching display that drives brand buzz, for both multi-market big-name brands and local small businesses alike. Ads are timed to display depending on how brands pay for the service.

Runningboards Marketing has already made waves in its native city of Watertown, New York. The franchise brand achieved major recognition earlier this year by winning the Greater Watertown North Country Chamber of Commerce’s “Emerging Business of the Year Award.” Today, Runningboards Marketing is an approved franchisor in 35 states, with goals of approval  in the remaining states, eventually expanding into Canada and Puerto Rico.

While the brand has nationwide expansion plans for its franchise opportunity, starting within its home state allows new franchisees to easily receive support as processes are fine-tuned. Albany, being only about a three-hour drive from Watertown, is a logical next step.

“The Albany Metro area is full of potential,” Runningboards Marketing Operations Manager Chris Mooney said. “Besides being the state capital, it’s located at the intersection of two of the busiest interstates in the Northeast. This is likely the reason that it is outpacing the rest of NY in population growth and GDP per capita. From 2014 to 2017, Albany’s GDP per capita grew about 5%. That’s almost 10% better than the state as a whole in that time. A growing population and economy are ideal for RBM as we help successful businesses grow and stand out from their competition.”

Runningboards Marketing bases franchise territories on population and requires a minimum of 125,000 people in a given territory. Each territory can support a minimum of two DAVs. The population count of the Albany metropolitan area was 879,291 in 2016, according to the Open Data Network. As such, Runningboards Marketing can anticipate up to seven territories and 14 DAVs in the market.

“We believe our competition is strong in every market,” Mooney said. “We are competing for advertising dollars in generally fixed budgets. Our product is new, so some companies are nervous to jump in. But our concept doesn’t need everyone to love us.”

Albany is also a competitive market for the brand since it only requires about 20 to 35 contracts to fully book a DAV, Mooney said. He also noted that Albany is home to several private and public universities, including the State University of New York at Albany.

“This demographic is prime for companies to advertise to, especially at sporting and other events,” Mooney said. “Albany also hosts many outdoor events year-round, which is great for the events part of our business model.”

With a dynamic advertising model and a robust franchise opportunity—plus a great partner in DAV—Runningboards Marketing is bound for solid expansion in its home state of New York and beyond. – Cristina Merill

The startup costs for a Runningboards Marketing franchise range from $71,500 to $254,900. To learn more about franchising with Runningboards Marketing, visit

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