RBM was founded in January, 2018 by Richard C. (“Calvin”) McNeely III & Zachariah ("Zach") Yelle. The marketing concept was birthed while developing a marketing campaign for a restaurant in the Watertown, NY area.

After many long days & late nights DAV (pronounced "dave") was born. DAV had been built on a Ford Transit chassis with three independent high-rez LED sceens. Calvin & Zach received DAV on April 10th 2018 & the trio hit the ground running. After a month of creating interest, awareness & support of the local community they added a full-time driver, as well as several part-time drivers & support staff.

As the team continued to increase velocity they quickly realized DAV needed an upgrade. He needed to display graphics in a more efficient way & start creating reports for clients ads. It was at this point that Calvin & Zach created a cutting-edge software & technology platform called "RBM VELOCITY", that would allow DAV to communicate with the rest of the team from anywhere. With the ability to update graphics from anywhere, set up Geo-Fence areas, & start tracking when and where specific graphics played, RBM was driven to a whole new level.


About mid-year, the business was continuing to grow & they realized that the business model could easily be duplicated & started the process to make RBM a franchise opportunity.

Here we are in 2019. We have an incredible facility in Watertown, NY & have grown to eleven full-time & three part-time employees. We are also running a thriving local RBM business & are now an approved franchisor in New York & thirty-five other states, with more pending!